A Trader’s Diary: My Daily Forex Trading Routine

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9:00am: Wake up. Put computer on. Eat cereal bar and drink a glass of water. Check charts on 15 different currency pairs and see if price is approaching any significant areas of support/resistance. If they are, I make a note of it.


9:55am: My iphone free app alarm alerts me to the fact that it is almost 10 o’clock. This is when new hourly candles are former so I check my charts again for any price action signals near those support/resistance zones. If there are, I put the trades on.


10:55am: As before, but also check the 4 hour charts.


11am: Eat lunch. Always a ham and cheese toasted sandwich with ketchup. May add scrambled egg if particularly hungry!


11:55am, 12:55pm, and 1:55pm: As 9:55


2:55pm: As 10:55.


3pm: Eat dinner.


3:55pm, 4:55pm, and 5:55pm: As 9:55


6:55pm: As 10:55


7pm-12am: May keep checking charts in the same fashion if I am particularly driven, or may just relax.




So what do I do between the times that I am checking the charts? Well, I also make a living as a writer, so I am either writing this blog, or doing some of my other freelance writing work. If work is sparse, then I might be just playing my guitars, at the gym, or having lunch with someone. The point is, trading can be a door to financial and personal freedom – a place where you are no longer controlled by your employer. It’s a place where you can have an afternoon or even a day off without asking anyone.  So if you’re interested in trading but are finding it hard; then stick with it. It could just be the best thing you have ever done. Just don’t take any risks when you are starting out and practice, practice, and practice some more before going in with any real money. Good luck to you all.

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