Are There Any Easy Ways to Success?

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Screen shot 2013-07-09 at 09.50.57The question I am asking today is whether there are any easy ways to success? Certainly, if there are (which I am highly sceptical about), I have not found any yet. Although we are specifically talking about trading forex, this really could be applied to any field of work. Is it really possible to take short cuts in any field, and take the lazy way to success? I think you will find that most successful people get there through hard work and dedication, and that people almost never suddenly become a success overnight, but that there is a hidden work load that goes unnoticed to those on the outside.


When it comes to the forex markets, many people, instead of learning how to trade for themselves, opt for success via third parties, such as system sellers, trading robots, and signals service providers. While some of these options may have some value, there are a number of problems with taking such options. With regards to systems, if they do work and large numbers of people buy into it, then it will likely not work in the future as if everybody does the same, then there will be nobody to take the opposite side of the trade. Systems also tend to be successful only in certain market conditions, so while it might be successful for a while, it could then suddenly become a big loser.


This is also the same with trading robots; and another problem with trading robots is that they tend to dupe the buyer with long-term statistics, but there is often a nasty surprise waiting in the wings, with a big loser wiping out months or even years of profits. Signals service providers are also notoriously unreliable, and the vast majority of them are either scams or the results are inaccurate. So my advice is to learn to trade for yourself. It might take years – but once you get there, you will have the skills for life.

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