Being Fit to Trade

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Now this might seem a little strange, but I think that an important element of being a successful forex trader is to get enough exercise. “What? Exercise?” I hear you ask. Well, let me explain…


If you sit for hours on end at your computer screen looking at charts, all day, every day, then you are inevitably going to become lethargic, have low energy levels, and generally become unhealthy – all of which are not good for your trading. Instead, I recommend creating a trading methodology where you only have to check your charts for setups every hour, or perhaps even every 4-hours, and spend the rest of your time doing other things (such as exercise) and working on other projects.


You could incorporate an early morning/afternoon training regime at the gym and energize yourself for the day ahead. Perhaps ever other day, you could hit the gym, and then in-between do some light swimming or play a bit of squash (that’s what I do). Of course, if you are not self-employed and have a job to go to, then this complicates things a little. But you could still do a quick session after work or at the weekend to get the blood flowing to the brain and energize yourself.


Once you start to get fit and get some regular exercise, you will start to see a difference. You will want to work more, and you will have more energy to do it. As a result, it is likely that your trading performance will improve. You will no longer feel stiff and uncomfortable when you’re sat at your chair. And best of all, you will not get a bad back! So if you’re spending a lot of time sat at your computer chair, then think about making the decision to join a gym or at least do some regular exercise at home. It might be one of the best decisions you have ever made.

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