Book Review – Number 8

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Today, continuing in our series of book reviews, we will be looking at my eighth favorite forex-related book.


Number 8: “Letting Go of Your Bananas” by Dr. Daniel T. Drubin


Now this might seem like a strange choice on the surface of it. You might wonder what the hell bananas have to do with trading forex. You might wonder if this very author has in fact gone bananas. Well, let me enlighten you.


“Letting Go of Your Bananas” is a book that explains ‘How to become more successful by getting rid of everything rotten in your life’. If you are to become a successful forex trader, I believe that it is essential to have a clean, uncluttered mind so that you can have clarity when you are trading.


There are many useful life lessons to be learned in this concise 119-page book. One of the best lessons is to “vividly imagine yourself living the life of your dreams’. Dreams can be a powerful tool, and will spur you on to success. A good lesson that you can apply to trading forex is to “never hesitate to act on opportunities when they present themselves”. This is how the best traders operate. When they see the perfect trade setup, they act upon it like a sniper. If you think too long, the opportunity will pass before your very eyes.


There is also a good section about confronting fear and making it your friend. Fear can be a very destructive emotion in trading, and it is important that you understand it and don’t let it control your decisions.


In summary, this book is all about freeing yourself of all the negativity in your life. It is about understanding yourself and being accountable for your own life. It is about leading a happy and successful life. At just $12.99, it is must read and one that you will come back to again and again. Well, that’s it for today, and I will be back tomorrow with my seventh favorite forex-related book. Until then, have a good day.

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