Book Review: ‘Naked Forex’ – Part 1

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Screen shot 2013-03-26 at 10.03.18I have just received my copy of ‘Naked Forex’ by Alex Nekritin and Walter Peters, and I have to say that my initial thoughts are that this might be my favourite forex trading book of all time!


At $75 retail price, this book, like most forex books, is not cheap. But there is some added value that comes with that, because along with the book, there are details of a members area at Walter Peter’s website, where there is access to educational videos, articles, and more to supplement the book.


Although I have only read a few pages so far, it is clear that the book is easy to access and written in a friendly, conversational tone and is not stuffy or dry in any way. The chart examples are clear enough (unlike many trading books), and the book is generally well presented and just feels… well… nice in your hands!


As the book is all about ‘naked’ trading, there is no use of technical indicators, but there is a section dedicated to explaining why indicators are not useful, and championing the use of naked charts. After this, there is an extensive section on support/resistance zones, followed by a more in-depth look at some forex price action setups, which can be used at these support/resistance zones.


In summary, it does look like much of the information in the book is already available and used here at E-Forex System Reviews. However, there may be some extra nuggets of information in there as well, and I will provide a full book review as soon as I have finished reading it. Until then, if you can’t wait, then why not purchase a copy of the book yourself, and get learning right away! (I managed to get hold of a copy on Amazon for around 30 GBP)

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