Book Review – ‘Naked Forex’ (Part 2)

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Screen shot 2013-06-09 at 13.28.01At the end of March I introduced you to the book ‘Naked Forex’ by Alex Nekritin and Walter Peters, and as promised, after reading the book, I am now ready to provide a full review and verdict.


I have to say that, despite the book being a good read and a very good addition to my forex book collection, that the biggest thing that I have got out of the book is the introduction to forex testing software Forex Tester ( I have been using this software for a couple of months now, and I can firmly say that it is perhaps the best forex training tool available on the market – and all for an affordable cost too. So do go out and get that – or at least take a look. As far as the book is concerned, I don’t think that it really offers anything new as such, although there are one or two interesting ideas. Most of the setups explained are really setups that we discuss regularly here at Forex System Reviews, but like many forex teachers, they are given different names in an attempt to claim them as their own ideas (such as bullish pin bars being called ‘Kangaroo Tails’).


The book, however, provides a good clear format and some nice looking charts to view. All in all, I would recommend the book, but it is not cheap, and if you are on a tight budget, I would suggest that you can find similar materials online for free, such as the material we offer here at Forex System Reviews. However, this is the kind of book that you can read more than once, and gain new knowledge each time you read it – depending on your skill level when you first read the book.


Rating – 4/5

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