Broker Review: Easy Forex

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I signed up with a new broker this week to test them out. They are called ‘Easy Forex’ and can be found at:


They seem to have been around for a while, and there are a number of positive things said in the online community about them. The primary reason that I signed up with them is because they are currently running a promotional offer. Until the end of September, if you open an account with Easy Forex, they will refund up to 200 GBP on any losses made on your first five trades! Being one to take advantage of such offers, I signed up.


My experience with Easy Forex so far has been relatively painless. I was not fond of their online platform, so I chose to do my trading via the MT4 platform. They say that slippage is possible when using the MT4 platform, and you have the added bonus of ‘freezing’ the price when using the online platform, which is unusual. However, I am running my trial using MT4 because that is the platform that I am more familiar with.


I have already put an order in and subsequently cancelled it, and they emailed me both times to confirm the orders, which is a nice optional touch. I have also been contacted several times by their service team. I found them very helpful and not at all pushy about anything – and merely wanted to make sure that the trading experience was a smooth one. So far, I am very happy with the service that they have provided, and as far as I am concerned, a 200 GBP risk free trading account is simply too good to pass up. We all like to be in a no-lose, no-risk trade (and sometimes we do this by moving our stop losses to breakeven!), and this is exactly what this is.

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