Easy-Forex: The Final Review

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Recently, I wrote an article about Easy Forex (www.easy-forex.com), an online forex broker that I have been testing. Well, my test has now come to an end, and I can offer a few final conclusions about this broker.


During the whole two weeks that I have been using Easy Forex, I can say with confidence that their customer service is excellent. I was assigned my own account manager who gave me an old fashioned service, calling me several times and providing a human service, something that is often lacking these days. My account manager was not pushy in any way, and made it clear that he was simply there to help and assist.


However, the one major drawback I had with Easy Forex was their spreads. Although their spreads were fixed, which is something that I like, they were fixed far too high and are just not competitive enough Iā€™m afraid. I could never trade with a broker whose spreads are so large, as this significantly cuts into profits in the long term.


Another problem I had with Easy Forex was that if you want to trade using MT4, you have to transfers your funds between accounts in an unnecessarily complicated way. I did not like this, although I did find that their security procedures and organization was very good.


One final niggle was that the charts they use are not New York close candles, and as such, I found them much more difficult to trade off as I usually use the New York close candles. In my opinion, all charts should be the same, but for some reason, different brokers use different times to close their candles.


All in all, I would give Easy Forex 7/10. They are a well-organized broker who has great customer service, but unfortunately, their spreads at the current time are just not competitive enough.

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