Forex Tester: A Review

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Screen shot 2013-03-27 at 12.35.49Today, I have been taking a look at the forex testing software Forex Tester (available at:, and have found that it has a number of pros and cons – so here goes…


To begin with, the price for the software is not cheap, but not overly expensive either at $199. But before you part with your well-earned money, you will want to at least try the demo version, which you can download for free. However, it should be noted that there are a number of limitations with this demo. These are as follows:


  • You can test no more than 1 month of historical data.


  • You can test uninterruptedly no more than 1 hour (then you can start another test, but you can not continue the previous one).


  • You can not save testing results, projects and templates.


Once you have downloaded and installed the demo, you can then start to test out the software.


In a nutshell, what this software allows you to do is to practice trading just as you would on a demo account in Metatrader. However, in MT4, on a demo account and trading the daily charts, you would have to wait a full day for the next candle. However, in Strategy Tester, you can go back to say, 2005, and then go through each candle as if it was that day (with future candles invisible), and put trades on when you see a setup develop. Each trade will be recorded just as it would in MT4, and you can track your profit/loss figures. Of course, this is nothing you couldn’t do in MT4 by looking at back data – but the benefits are that you can actually place these trades on the platform and track your results more accurately and easily.

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