FOREX: The Greatest Game on Earth

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I used to think the greatest game on earth was chess, and then snooker… and then football. But oh no – these are just games. Later in life, I learned what the greatest game on Earth really was. It was none of these things. It is a game that in the ether. It is something that is not really tangible in a real, physical sense. It is a game of data and psychology. It is the foreign exchange market.


Playing the foreign exchange market is the greatest game on earth for a number of reasons. There is more at stake, in an economic sense, than any other game. It is a game where four trillion dollars (!) are traded and change hands every single day! It is also a game that is extremely challenging. Not only are you playing against possibly millions of participants all with their own systems and views on how the market will play out. But you are also playing against supercomputers and automated robots that trade based on a set of binary conditions. Imagine playing any other game under such extreme conditions!


Unfortunately, the vast majority of beginners trading on the foreign exchange markets do not take all of this into consideration. They think that if they are of above average intelligence, then they have the automatic right to be profitable. However, this is not the case. If you want to be profitable in the game of forex trading, you need to train hard – just like you would in any other field. You need to learn everything you can about the markets and train your mind to make logical, rather than emotional trading decisions.


So if you have just started trading the foreign exchange markets – then welcome to the greatest game on Earth. Oh, and good luck… you will need it!



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