Forex Trading Around A Day Job

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If you have been meaning to have a try at trading the forex markets, but feel that you don’t have the time because you have a full-time job, then think again. One of the greatest things about the forex market is that it is a 24-hour affair, which means that you can trade at any time of the day, Monday-Friday.


There are two basic ways that you could trade around a day job. The simplest way would be to trade the daily timeframe charts, and to make trading decisions at the close of the daily candles, which in the UK is either 10pm or 11pm, depending upon the season. For most people, this is probably an hour or two before they go to bed if they are working a full-time job. “Well, I don’t want to be working at that time!” you may think. However, it doesn’t need to be an arduous task if you know what you are doing, and in fact, it can only take between 5-15 minutes to check your charts and put any trades on. It’s that simple.


However, if you want to be more involved in your trading and put more trades on, while maintaining your full time job, then another option could be to trade some of the intraday charts either before or after work. For example, if you traded the 1-hour chart, you could still have a number of hours to trade, say from between 6pm-11pm, there would be five new hourly candles to look at. Furthermore, in order to get more trading experience over a short period of time, you could also use forex testing software Forex Tester at the weekends, and trade literally years worth of data in one sitting (if you wish). So there are options for trading the forex markets even if you are in full-time employment – so there really is no excuse!

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