Getting a Forex Education

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Screen shot 2013-08-22 at 11.19.57With the forex market being the largest market in the world, with an estimated four trillion (!) dollars being traded every single day – I still find it odd that there are no university courses dedicated to the subject of trading the forex markets. If you are interested in trading forex and want to get educated first, there are literally no officially recognised, university-accredited courses that you can enrol on. The best that you can really do is to learn by yourself, either through overpriced books (for some reason, books on trading tend to be triple or quadruple the cost of a normal book), or through online educational websites such as this one (which you can currently get for free) or through subscription services.


The best you can do with regards to forex university courses is a subject in a related field – such as economics or finance. However, you would be lucky to even get one lecture dedicated to trading the forex markets. It seems that the best way to go is to go it alone and become an independent trader, or to get in at ground floor level with an investment or trading firm; and learn as you go.


Personally, given the amount of subjects that you can study at university these days, it is surprising that nobody has come up with a course on trading forex yet – as I’m sure there would be a high demand (and education is very much a business these days). Perhaps a lack of courses is indicative of the fact that most traders lose money in the markets, and that there is largely a non-scientific basis to trading. However, there is a mathematical element, and this surely could be a subject of study. But a university course in trading forex does not seem likely anytime soon, and as such, there remains a lack of empirical studies done in this area.

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