Live Trades – February Review

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Screen shot 2013-02-28 at 09.33.10Well, it is that time of the month when I review my trades and see how I have done in the past month. Unfortunately, the month of February has not been a good one – in fact, it has been a particularly bad one.


For the month of February, I have taken a loss of -6% on my trading bank, completely wiping out the +6% profits of January. To make matters worse, I was up by +9% at one point in the latter part of January, so that makes a total drawdown now of -9%. My worst ever drawdown is around -16%, so in comparison, this one is fairly sizable. So what are the positives that can be taken from February, with six losing trades and three breakeven trades?


Well, if I had not meddled with my stop losses, the result would have been eight losing trades and one winning trade for a -5.5% loss. Not great either, but again yet more evidence that it might be more profitable in the long term to not meddle with stop losses – at least not too soon anyway in order to allow the market to ‘breathe’.


I also documented three different trades that would have been winners but I missed them all for one reason or another. For one of these, I had the order in, but cancelled it when I went to bed because I felt that the opportunity had been lost. It would have been a 1:6 winner. Another one I missed because I didn’t check my charts at the right time, and it was a setup I had been waiting for. It was a 1:3 winner. I also missed another 1:3 winner when I was at the gym at a level I was looking closely at. If I had caught all of these setups, I would be carrying a +6% gain rather than a -6% loss. Such are the margins between success and failure in this game. Back to square one…

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