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Screen shot 2013-07-25 at 11.39.36If you have tried trading forex for a while and discovered that it is not possible to double your capital very month (!), then you many have considered joining a managed forex account. Why should you do all of the work yourself, if you can get a professional and an expert to do all of the work for you (for a fee of course)? Well, looking at a few professionally managed forex accounts really does highlight how difficult trading the forex markets can be.


The first managed forex account I came across on Google was the ones at popular broker FXCM. They have a number of managed accounts. The first, the ‘trend series A’ fund has returned just over 15% in around 4 and a half years – that is an average of 3.33% per year, which is a little better than current interest rates in the UK. However, only two of these years showed significant profits, with two years being losers. Their more aggressive funds are not much better either. The ‘trend series A aggressive’ fund has returned just under 6% in two years. That is even worst at an average of just 3% per year. And that is before any fees. There is also another forex fund called the ‘trend series B’ fund, which returned around 27% in just over 4 and a half years, which is much better at an average of 6% per year – but there are still some negative years to deal with. However, the ‘trend series B aggressive’ returned just 1% in two years.


So what can we learn from all this? That even professional money managers and so called experts struggle; and if you can make a profit ever year, no matter what that profit is, then you’re doing very well indeed. If you can make 15-20% returns per year, then you are doing better than most professionals.

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