Organizing Your Trading Room

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I think that it is important to have a good, organized space for trading in. Trading requires a tidy mind, a relaxed mind, so you have to do a little work to facilitate this. Choose a room in your house that is relatively quiet and away from most of the noise. If noise is a problem, then try listening to some classical music, or if music is not your thing, invest in a Marpac Sleepmate sound conditioner (they produce relaxing white noise). They block out most noises outside of a room very well.


Once you have got the noise issues sorted, start to organize your room. Get a desk with enough space. Corner desks are good for maximizing the space in your room. Also, keep your desk clean and clear of clutter. A cluttered desk promotes a cluttered mind, and that is something we DON’T want when we are trading.


Now that you have got a noise-free space and a clutter-free desk, you need the right hardware. If you have a Mac computer, you will have to be flexible. There are online trading platforms that you can use, but unfortunately, the most popular trading platform, MT4, does not run on Mac. There are ways around this, such as running Windows on the Mac (which is slow and riddled with problems). The best way is to pay for a VPS (virtual private server), which essentially links your Mac to a PC so you can use a PC from your Mac. It is quite good and works well, but it is quite expensive. Therefore, if you are starting from scratch, it is probably best just to go out and buy a PC computer so that you can use MT4 directly.


You will also need to keep plenty of notes and reminders, so a small whiteboard would be useful just in front of your desk. This will also save paper (and thus the environment). In summary, organizing your trading room should not be taken lightly. So don’t delay… do it today!

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