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I do research for a living. With the help of the Internet, I can research almost any topic nowadays and write a considerable report. These topics can sometimes be very obscure, but I will still, after some digging, find a considerable amount of information. However, what I find strange is that when I try to research into forex price action trading, there is little, if any information available.


Now, when I talk about information, I do not mean the plethora of forex-related websites written by unqualified people who are pushing the sale of something or other. I am talking about official, academic, empirical research in academic journals or in newspaper or magazine articles. When it comes to empirical studies done on forex price action trading, articles are very hard to come by.


I find this extremely strange, because the forex market is the largest market in the world, with some $4 trillion changing hands every day. How can a phenomenon so large have so little empirical research done about it? This should be a topic that you should be able to create a bibliography for very easily. But this is simply not the case.


I wanted to know about any empirical studies that had been done on inside bars in the forex market. To my surprise, I could not find any (not online anyway). Is there a conspiracy at work here? Is some mega-corporation systematically destroying any empirical studies done on the forex market? Are they keeping all of the precious information for themselves? Honesty, it really does seem that way. There should be vast amounts of empirical studies done on forex price action trading, but there simply isn’t. Yet when it comes to pottery manufacturing in ancient China, or some other obscure topic, there seems to be a wealth of information. Therefore, it is up to each and every one of us who trade forex to do our own research. This is why the task of profiting in the forex markets in so monumentally difficult.

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