Screen Time and the Art of Trading

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Trading is a little bit like the hit movie “The Matrix”. In the movie, most people could not see the matrix, and even if they were told, they would refuse to believe that it was there. In the world of forex trading, you often hear professionals saying that trading is partly an art, and you need a lot of screen time before you can really see the ebb and flow of the market. When I first started out trading, I doubted whether this artistic side of trading existed. I thought that it was all about following a set of mathematical rules. But just recently, I don’t know whether it is just the amount of screen time I have put in, but just recently, I have begun to see the markets in a whole new light.


I have begun to recognize a certain ebb and flow in the market, and to know when to trade and when not to trade. It is really difficult to put into words, and I now concede that there is an artistic side to trading. This is likely because the market is a reflection of the mass psychology of people. People make it, and as such, there has to be a subjective element to it. People are not always logical and make decisions based upon mathematics, and therefore, trading is never going to be purely a logical pursuit. You have to understand the psychology of the mass market, and to do this, screen time is crucial.


The more screen time that you have, the more you will begin to get a feel for the ebb and flow of the market. Perhaps it is a little like surfing – you might know what to do, and you might understand the techniques involved and be able to do them, but it only when you get out onto the waves can you really learn the art; and this is the way with trading. You have to first get your feet wet, and then figure out how to go with the flow of the waves and stay on your board. Trading does require a good deal of logic and math, but it is also an art; and that – you must learn.

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