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As a forex trader, I sometimes find self-help and motivational books very helpful from a psychological point of view. Although most of these books are not directly related to trading forex, there are many indirect lessons that one can take from them. For example, in my early days of trading, I was reading a lot of books written by Robert Kiyosaki. I found his conversational style and wealth of experience with all things related to money to be a real help in preparing me for trading forex. Trading forex is, in effect, a business, and his wisdom helped me to understand what it meant to run a business. Kiyosaki’s first book, “Rich Dad, Poor Dad”, is a classic, and the other books tend to elaborate on all of the points made in this first book. It is a book that helps you to think bigger, to believe that you too can succeed, and this is an essential ingredient in being a successful forex trader.


Other books that I have found useful are some parables from authors such as Spender Johnson, Daniel T. Drubin, and George S, Clanson. These are all fictional stories that teach you something about the nature of business, money, or even life. Again, although they do not talk specifically about foreign exchange trading, they do plant seeds that can grow in your mind and help you develop a mindset that is conducive to successful trading.  Some of these books I have read more than once, and a second or third reading often helps you glean even more information that you received on the previous read.


All in all, I think it is not enough to simply read trading book after trading book, which all generally offer the same information. In order to have a more rounded trading education, one must branch out into related subjects, and business and trading psychology is certainly an area worth investigating.

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