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I am currently looking at a signals service provider called ’35 pip’ ( Now, if you have been reading my articles for a while, you may be aware that I am not a big fan of signals service providers, trading robots, or system sellers. This is not because I am sure that there are no good ones out there, but because I know that the vast majority of them are scams, and it is time-consuming to separate the wheat from the chaff, so to speak.


This is a service that has been offering free forex signals for a number of years – and I have regularly received such signals in my inbox for the past few years. However, recently, they have not been offering all of their signals for free, and have created a ‘Premium Service’, which offers all of the signals for around $30 per year, which is very reasonable. It seems that 35 Pip have slowly built a client base before going the paid subscription route – which is a good way to go, as clients will know what they are going to get.


I also like how 35 Pip present their past results. They show an MT4 results page of their past 300 trades, which spans around 1 year of trading. Their equity curve is excellent, and although this could be manufactured, the fact that they have been offering free signals for so long, and that there is such transparency with their trades that can be checked – this all bodes well.


If you do sign up with the Premium Service that 35 Pip offers, you will also get an indicator for your MT4 account that allows you to automatically copy the trades made by 35 Pip. This allows for a completely hands off approach. All in all, I’m interested in exploring 35 Pip further, and I may well proof their service in the coming weeks.

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