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In yesterday’s forex trading article, entitled “The Similarities Between Trading Forex and Betting on Horses!”, I mentioned that I was going to Haydock Park to watch some horse racing, and I outlined some of the similarities and differences between horse racing and trading forex. Well, I had a great day out, and a story to tell that can also be applied to forex trading.


Before going to Haydock, I took advantage of some promotional offers with some online betting websites. I managed to acquire 40 pounds worth of free bets. I put twenty pounds of these free bets on a 50-1 long shot called “Bapak Sayang” in the 3:05. It won by 2 and ¾ lengths. What a great day! And the best thing was, it was all risk free.


In the world of forex trading, you can also, similarly, acquire some risk free trades with similar online promotions. For example, GKFX are currently running a 300 GBP cash back offer (maximum) on all losses in your first month of trading. You can see the promotion for this by clicking on this link:




Just like my horse racing experience, if you take advantage of these kinds of promotional offers (and I’m sure there are many more out there), you can make some risk free trades. If you are new to forex trading, these risk free trades could provide you with some valuable live trading experience. And if you are a more experienced trader, it could give you the opportunity to make some risk free trades while also trying out a new broker, which might also come in handy some time.


In summary, taking advantage of risk-free promotional offers with online brokers is a no-brainer. It is a no lose situation, so you really would be mad not to have a go. I mean – who turns down a free lottery ticket? Not me…

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