The Importance of Belief (in your system)

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I hope you don’t mind me indulging myself a little bit today. On Monday, my football team, Wigan Athletic, secured another season in the world’s most watched football league, the Premier League. Now, I know you are looking for a forex-related article here, but believe me, I will come to that and this will all come together very soon…


During a dismal run of eight consecutive defeats, while struggling teams around him were firing their managers, manager Roberto Martinez and chairman Dave Whelan held firm. Roberto insisted that they were doing all of the right things, and over the course of a season, things would even themselves out and they would be all right. It proved to be the case, and in the end, Wigan survived comfortably after being written off by those in the media – with six wins out of the last eight games.


It occurred to me that the attitude of Roberto Martinez is exactly the kind of attitude that we need to be successful forex traders. We need to hold firm to our system when we are experiencing a string of losers. Even when we are doing all of the right things, things can still go awry and in those times, we have to keep doing the right things and hold to the belief that everything will work out in our favour over the long haul.


Roberto Martinez knows that the way that his team plays and the statistics that they maintain during each game means that over a long series of games, his team will come out on top. If you have a methodology that has proven itself in the forex-trading arena over a long series of trades, then hold firm to the system when you experience a few losers. In the long term, you should come out on top.

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