The Latest Forex Broker Offers and Bonuses – Part 1

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Screen shot 2013-05-08 at 10.16.18I have just had another 300 GBP cashback offer from GKFX. The offer is a 10% cashback offer (with a maximum of 300 GBP), and GKFX will refund any losses in a 30 day period (from the start of the first trade) up to a maximum of 300 GBP. I also had a similar offer from them when signing up for an account, and they made good on the cashback offer and provided a good service.


There are other offers and bonuses offered by forex brokers, but you have to be careful and read the small print. There is a good list of offers from various brokers at:, and I will just briefly run you through some of the best of these, and some of the dangers, right now.


The Plus500 offer of a free 20 GBP deposit in your account when opening one and a 30% cashback offer seems great. However, you do have to make a large number of trades in order to be able to withdraw any of this money. This is a major catch, as you will have to either make some very large trades, or a vast number of small ones, to get any advantage from this offer.


The offer from also has a similar catch. In order to take advantage of the $2000 cashback offer, you need to make hundreds, or perhaps even thousands of trades before any of it can be withdrawn. The small print officially states that: “You must execute a trade volume of $10,000 for every $1 bonus”. Again, this is much better than it sounds, and will only be of use to those traders who are really well capitalised and trade with large volumes anyway. Moreover, the bonuses offered by AvaFX have exactly the same bonus withdrawal requirements as

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