The Most Precious Commodity of All

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So what is it…? Gold, diamonds, shares in Google? Well, in my opinion, the most precious commodity that one can have is time. This, above all, is the most precious thing we can obtain because the more we have of it, the more we can do. In fact, if we could live on an infinite timescale (I’ll try not to get too science-fictiony here!), we could do almost anything.


Now, I know you might be wondering if you have hopped on to the wrong webpage because you are looking for something forex-related – but I am getting to that.


When trading the forex markets, people often think that the more time they spend looking at their charts; the more chance they have of making money. But this is not necessarily the case. And you have to remember why you began trading forex in the first place. The reasons that most people start trading forex is: a) to make money b) to escape from a 9-5 job, and c) to have a better quality of life. Now, if you’re looking into the neon glow of your computer screen for 18 hours per day and your life is falling apart around you and your social life is non-existent, then what, exactly, have you achieved? You have reduced your most important commodity – time, and your life is ticking away. So what can you do about this?


The answer – trade forex price action strategies like we do on this website and check your charts for just 5 minutes every hour (or every four hours or even every day if you are doing it part time). At the weekend, draw in your support/resistance lines and then review them at the end of every day. Trade for 5-10 minutes every hour for eight hours per day Monday to Friday. It is a nice schedule and you are free to do what you want between these times. Then you will have more of what you really need – time. Just make sure you spend it wisely.

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