The ‘Roberto Martinez’ Method: Lessons to Be Applied to the Forex Markets

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Screen shot 2013-04-12 at 10.34.38For all of you football (soccer!) fans out there, you will know Roberto Martinez as the Spanish manager of Wigan Athletic Football Club. ‘But what is the relevance with the forex markets?’ I hear you ask. Well, Mr. Martinez has a certain managerial style and an outlook that could be useful when trading the forex markets. Let me explain…


Martinez take a long-term approach to football results, and accepts that in the short term, a number of variables can cause bad results. However, when things are not going well, he always stays calm, keeps belief in his system and playing strategies, and more importantly, he believes that in the long-term, his method will get the required number of positive results for the club to be successful. This has resulted in him keeping the tiny club of Wigan in the mighty Premier League for the past three seasons, with the team now on the brink of an FA Cup final appearance.


The main lessons to be learned from Martinez is to keep emotions at bay, to do your homework and believe in your system, to take a long-term approach, and to be loyal to your system – especially when results are not going your way. This approach has served Martinez and the team well over the past few years – and it is an approach that also needs to be taken when trading the financial markets. Staying calm when under pressure is a difficult thing to do, but it is an approach that does seem to reap rewards. Moreover, by accepting that anything can happen in the short-term, and by taking a long-term approach, you can relax a little and stay a little calmer during day-to-day fluctuations in the forex market – knowing that in the long-term, that the odds are stacked in your favour.

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