The Year Ahead – Plans For the ‘Live Trades’

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I am tentatively beginning to make some plans for moving forwards with the live trade signals that I have been giving out over the past year. I began proofing my trades in December 2011 (about a year ago), and in that time, if you look at my published trading account ( you will see around a 24% rise on the account. Since I began trading this system in June 2011, I am up around 40% on my account (the first part of my account from January 2011 to June 2011 was used to test a signal provider, which was not a success!). In light of this test and these results, I am now happy to start providing a service for people to follow my trading signals.


I have thought about the best and easiest way for me to provide signals. Zulu Trade ( seems to be the obvious solution. I will open a Zulu Trade signals providers account and link this to my MT4 account. Then, once a signal follower selects my service, my trades will be automatically followed in their account. As such, this is all automated and easy to use for everyone. I will still provide a daily commentary of my trade at, so nothing will change in that respect. I am just giving you the option of now following my trades live instead of following them retrospectively. Of course, if you are still not sure, you can also open a demo account with Zulu Trade and follow and proof the trades safely. I aim to begin this new service in the New Year so I will keep you posted. I believe that it is free to follow trading signals at Zulu Trade, but there are some small fees per trade that are taken from the broker, so you should bear this in mind and check out exactly what these fees are. However, rest assured that Zulu Trade is now a very popular way to invest and millions of dollars worth of funds are currently following signal providers on there.

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