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There is not really as much educational material regarding forex price action trading as you might expect. This lack of guidance makes one wonder about conspiracy theories and how big corporations rule the financial world! However, to get you started, I’d like to list some valuable sources which I have looked at time and time again.


1) Steve Nison

Steven Nison has written a number of books about candlestick patterns and price action trading, which are all invaluable. He also has an abundance of educational videos online, and his own website which you can join. I highly recommend the methods employed by Nison and if you haven’t already, you should take a look at some of his books.


2) Martin Pring

There is a useful book written by Martin Pring called “Pring on Price Patterns”. Although it is fairly simple, it serves as a good addition to the Nison books, and talks more about using western technicals alongside Japanese candlestick patterns.


3) Nial Fuller

A lot of people follow the trading techniques of Nial Fuller on his website ( Although his methods are very similar to those of Steve Nison, he claims to have developed these strategies and given then a slightly different and simplified approach. There is a lot of useful articles and trade examples on the site which you can browse through for free.


4) Alexander Elder

The book “Come into my Trading Room” by Alexander Elder has some useful sections on money management which you can also apply to your forex trading.



And of course, you can always come and visit us here at every day, where we will provide you with one daily trade example and one educational forex-based article – totally free! And once you have digested all the material from various sources, you can then start to create your own trading style and methodology to suit your unique, individual personality.

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