Trading and the Importance of… Exercise!

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“What’s that?” I hear you say. “I have come here to learn about trading forex currencies and you are telling me to exercise!!” Well, there is a good deal of evidence among the scientific community that exercise helps to both stimulate and develop the brain. In layman’s terms, exercise helps you to think well, and if you are thinking well, you are trading better. Read on…


Modern conveniences have led to a society of couch potatoes who exercise very little and spend the vast majority of their time watching TV or playing on a computer. The word exercise comes from the Latin word meaning “to maintain, to keep, to ward off”. It means to practice, to perform, or put into action. Historically, we did this naturally as a part of our daily lives. However, what was once our main form of transportation (that of walking) has now become classed as exercise.


Walking is especially good for the brain because it improves our blood circulation, and it sends more oxygen and glucose to our brain. Walking effectively helps to oxygenate the brain, which is probably why a lot of people go for a walk when they want to think more clearly. Other forms of exercise also helps blood flow to the brain, and scientists have found that people who exercise more have a greater chance of their cerebral blood vessels growing.


So if you are sat at your computer all day looking at charts and getting nowhere, why not incorporate a program of exercise into your daily routine? The earlier you can get some exercise, the better as you want to ‘wake your brain up’ as early as you can. It doesn’t have to be particularly strenuous exercise, it just has to get the blood flowing so that it can feed your brain; and make you a better trader!

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