Trading Forex: An Unusual Field

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In some ways, trading the foreign exchange markets is an unusual field to get into. There are no formal university courses geared specifically to trading forex (none that I know of anyway!), which is unusual as there university modules on everything these days from David Beckham, under-water basket weaving, and zombie studies! The best you can do if you want to learn about trading forex via a formal university education is to take something that encompasses psychology, computing, and mathematics. But really, none of these will adequately prepare you for the world of forex trading.


Forex trading is an unusual field because, unlike almost all other professional fields in the world, there are no formal qualifications. This is even more unusual due to the fact that trading forex is a multi-trillion dollar industry, and the biggest market in the world by far. So what can you do if you want to become a professional forex trader? There seem to be precious few, if any, forex trading jobs available online – which means that most companies probably hire in-house. The best that you could do to work yourself through the ranks is to apply to be an office junior at a trading company.


Another option is to go it alone. If you plan to take this route, you will need to practice, practice, and practice some more. And while you are practicing, you will need to work some kind of day job (unless you have other sources of funding) and save enough money to trade with. $10,000 would be a good trading bank to start off with, and you must only trade with what you can afford to lose (so not your rent money!). Becoming a professional forex trader is not easy – but it is a discipline that has almost unlimited rewards.

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