What Kind of Person Will Be Successful at Trading Forex?

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Now, to begin with, I think that anyone can be successful at trading the foreign exchange markets. However, I do think that certain people are predisposed to certain characteristic that can be favorable to successful trading. Therefore, in a nutshell, some people may have to work harder than others when first starting out. But what exactly are those favorable characteristics?



Organization is key for being a successful forex trader. You must record every detail of each of your trades, otherwise, you will have no idea how you are doing. By monitoring criteria such as your maximum drawdown, you can manage your risk and make sure that your trading capital is not in danger. If you are not organized, then you might find that your trading bank will soon blow up.


The Ability to Manage Your Emotions

If you let your trading become a completely emotional affair, then it will be near to impossible to be a successful trader. Trading is not a game of sport. The markets are not there to give you a high. It is a business, and it must be treated like one. If you are emotional, you will trade based upon your emotions, and this will lead to inevitable losses. We all get emotional from time to time, but if you can manage your emotions and be objective most of the time, then you will be ahead of the game – or at least on a par with it.



Trading forex is a game of probabilities, so you have to be in it for the long haul. You must check your charts day in and day out to find the best trade setups. If you treat it like a hobby and don’t put the work in, then it will be a hobby – or worse.


There are many more elements and characteristics that one needs to be a successful forex trader, but these three are key. If you think you already have these characteristics, then trading forex might well be the vocation for you.


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