What to Put on Your Forex Christmas List?

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Today, just for a bit of festive fun, I would like to talk you through what you might be able to put on your forex Christmas shopping list.


There are numerous kinds of products that you could get that might assist in your forex trading and your forex education. The obvious one is books. The three books that I would recommend with regards to this are ‘Come Into My Trading Room’ by Alexander Elder, ‘Martin Pring on Price Patterns’ by Martin Pring, and ‘Way of the Turtle’ by Curtis M. Faith. Although it is not forex specific, the first book has some essential material on money management that is a must read. The second book again is a general trading book, but if you are going to trade using price action signals, then this is another one that you should read. And finally, the ‘Way of the Turtle’ is just a classic book about trading, and is one that any trader should have on their shelf.


Other things you might want in your Christmas stocking might include a subscription to a forex signals service, some e-books, a VPS, or perhaps some educations DVDs. However, what I would go for would be some simple stationary to record your trades and organise your trading desk for the year ahead. Organization and a system of reviewing is essential for any successful trader, and these simple materials will go a long way to improving your trading. Get yourself a large folder, a printer, and some printing paper, and print out every trade setup that you take for later review. Make sure that your trading desk is clean and organized, and think about getting yourself a small whiteboard for making any notes. These are the kinds of things that are on my Christmas list every year. So… what is on yours?

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