Where to get a forex trading education?

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Now, if you have plenty of money to begin with, then by all means enroll on a forex trading course and learn the ins and outs of trading. However if, like I didn’t, you don’t have the funds to bankroll an education in forex trading (which will cost over $1000 at a minimum), then you will have to find an alternative budget means. The good news is that there is plenty of information out there to get you started.


You can learn much of the real basics on websites such as Baby Pips. Here, at the adorably entitled ‘School of Pipsology’ you can get a forex trading education by reading through the modules that are on offer there for free. There are also some good forums to get involved in where you can ask questions to more experienced traders.


Once you have got the basics down, there are other sites that can help you to refine your skills. Learn to Trade the Market is one good site that offer trade examples and articles for you to browse through. You do have to become a paid member if you want access to all of the material, but there is plenty of free stuff on offer to get you started.


A similar site to this one, which also has price action trading examples, is over at Forex School Online (just search for these sites in Google to find the web addresses). This, much like Learn to Trade the Market, gives price action trade examples in the ‘Charts in Focus’ section. You could also read through the plenteous trade examples on this site as well; and once you get the idea, you can start to find your own trade setups on a daily basis.


There are also a number of good books by authors such as Steve Nison, Martin Pring, and Alexander Elder that will help to develop you further as a forex trader. So you see, it doesn’t have to cost a fortune to get a good forex trading education.

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