You Trade Forex… You are in the Beverage Industry?

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Whenever I tell people that I trade forex and they look at me with confusion in their eyes, I try to remember that I probably would have had the same look in my eyes five or ten years ago. Let’s face it; despite it being the most traded market in the world with around $4 trillion dollars worth of currencies being exchanged every day, it is not something that a whole lot of people talk about over their pint on a Friday night.


I once had someone make a reference to the Australian beer, “XXXX” (pronounced ‘fourex’), when talking about forex. Perhaps there are a lot of people going around thinking that their friends are in the beverage industry! Perhaps there are people stockpiling shares in “XXXX” every day because they keep hearing people talking about how much money they are making trading forex. But all joking aside, it is a bit of a pain when someone asks you what you do and you have to explain what forex is… time and time again. Perhaps it is best just to say you are a day trader and leave it at that. They will assume that you do something on the stock market, which ironically, everybody knows something about and it is a much smaller market with regards to turnover.


I find it odd that people have the least knowledge about the most traded market in the world. I’m surprised that the conspiracy theorists have not come up with something to explain this anomaly. Perhaps the big multinational companies do not want a redistribution of power and wealth. Whatever the reason, the fact remains that not many people know very much about the forex markets. So the next time someone asks you what you do, be prepared for a very long conversation, or… just say you’re a day trader and keep it at that!

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